Crosby Cross-checking Zetterberg

Last night, the Detroit Red Wings took home ice against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The two teams played to what was to be expected, a playoff like atmosphere.

When all was said and done, the Wings came out on top with a 3 – 1 win to bolster their playoff spot chances. Unfortunately though, emotions seemed to erupt on the last play.

Sidney Crosby, held without a point, only 3 shots, and most notable, a negative 3 rating, frustrated, took exception to the back of Henrik Zetterberg.

Post game quotes from Zetterberg gives insight to what NHL players expect from Crosby; “I knew it was him without turning around”.

Crosby, on the other hand, felt goaltender Jimmy Howard was out of line. “I don’t think that’s where he should be, I don’t know what he was doing over there.”

It is true, that most Detroit fans have a deep seeded dislike of the Penguins, I no different, but be it like or dislike, Crosby’s actions are not needed within the league. The NHL, in my opinion, is one of the classiest sports around. I would hope that the NHL fine Crosby for his actions, yet with the already blemished mark, the disciplinary actions this year have been far from appropriate.

Below is the video. Take notice to Crosby targeting Zetterberg right from the face-off.


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  1. Chris Avatar

    A similar video is posted on The headline reads, “Sid scraps with Jimmy Howard.” I think a more accurate headline would have been, “Crosby tries to break Zetterberg in two.”

    Ya know, I was starting to come around again on Crosby and think maybe he had began to grow up and mature some. Then this happens. That’s a totally bullshit play that was utterly uncalled for. Sure, he’s a great hockey player and has awesome skills, but he is a crybaby and needs to grow up.

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