Daniel Sedin Between the Legs Goal

Just in case there is anyone out there who doesn’t understand how great the Sedin twins are, we have the following clip. Last night, in Vancouver’s 7-3 victory over the Calgary Flames, Daniel Sedin notched this beauty to complete the hat trick. Notice the ridiculous, no look, tip pass by brother Henrik, that lands right on the tape of Daniel’s stick.





2 responses to “Daniel Sedin Between the Legs Goal”

  1. Chris Avatar

    That’s disgusting. I mean, we’ve seen between-the-legs goals before, but that might be one of the best so far.

    They were talking last night about how none of the Vancouver players wanted to score unless Henrik touched the puck because they wanted to pad his stats for the Art Ross Trophy. Good for him on an incredible season!

  2. JR Avatar

    What sportscaster was not impressed with the goal and thought it was showing off

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