Evander Kane Knocks Out Matt Cooke

We’ve covered Matt Cooke a bit here in the past month or so on HWB. But I think after last weekend, everyone in the league is a fan of Evander Kane for his fight against Cooke. The fight was quick, and ended with Cooke getting knocked out after a mammoth right from Kane. Cooke definitely had it coming to him. Take a look at the video:

One comment

  1. Agitating is apart of the game and Cooke is one of those players much like Avery. Agitators tend to pick their fights, usually not dropping their gloves unless they feel they can win. It is nice to see that Cooke thought he had it easy with the young Kane, but to his poor judgment, had his clock cleaned. Take notice though of Kane holding Cooke’s jersey when he was falling so Cooke wouldn’t hit his head. A good fight and much respect for Kane.

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