Ovechkin Spray’s Kid With Snow… Seriously?

Here’s the video. It’s pretty self explanatory. I love Ovie but this was for sure a classless move. Read it, soak it in, and comment below. This was from Wednesday’s GameĀ 4 of the Capitals- Canadiens series.


  1. What the heck! Ovechkin does this SAME thing in every game he doesn’t start – only there usually isn’t a little kid hanging around that spot. He didn’t knock the kid down and that little guy doesn’t even seem to care. On the bright side, life must be pretty perfect for all those folks who have nothing better to complain about than stupid things like this.

  2. Ouch! Heather is calling Eddie out, I like it. I will have to agree with Heather on this Eddie.

    This is a part of Ovies routine, so there really was no “I’m out to get a Habs Kid CLub Member” mentality, and as a kid, and still today, who hasn’t been sprayed? The kid was probably bragging about it in school. Heck, I would brag about it today if it happened to me.

    Eddie, perhaps you have taken too many pucks to the head as a goalie man, Ovie did nothing wrong.

  3. As it would be the highlight of that kid’s life, if it was part of Ovechkin’s routine to spray a kid in a opposing arena I’d be okay with it.

    But Heather you can’t say he stops at that exact spot every time. As there was a kid there, he could of easily turned his body to the left and stopped with his right leg to turn the spray away from the child.

    And Eric, you’ve played hockey with me for over 7 years, I think you can say I’ve taken 1 too many pucks to head in goal, thats why I moved up to winger since the fall!

  4. Must be Caps fans defending this action. Classless is right. How pathetic do you have to be to snow spray a little kid? Combine this with his attack on a female russian fan trying to film him in Vancouver. This guy is a first class a-hole.

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