Best Goal Horns and Celebration Songs

Goal horns and celebration songs is one thing that makes hockey the great sport it is.
Goal horns and celebration songs is one thing that makes hockey the great sport it is.

One of the beauties of the great game of hockey is that the home team is able to celebrate with a horn and song. You don’t see this in basketball because they simply score too much. You see it at college football and college hockey games with a fight song or chant (why hasen’t anyone brought any of the various SIEVE chants to the NHL?). You see it in the NFL (thank goodness my hometown Lions stink so we never have to hear it), as well as a soundbite in baseball. I rumbled throughout Youtube this week and found some of my favorite goal horn sounds as well as some of my favorite goal celebration songs. You can view all 30 NHL goal horns from this season here on Youtube.

Favorite Goal Horns:

  1. Calgary– This song makes the Sea of Red come alive and the Saddledome become electric.
  2. Edmonton– Can’t really explain it, I just love it.
  3. Los Angeles– Loud like a freight train coming at you.
  4. Washington– I like the police siren to accompany it.
  5. New York Rangers– Once you hear this song, you know you’re in MSG.

Least Favorite Goal Horns:

  1. Montreal– As much as I love the Habs, their goal horn is kinda annoying to hear.
  2. Columbus– Doesn’t have any uniqueness to it.
  3. Anaheim– It goes along with the duck theme, but it comes off as very low/deep sounding.
  4. San Jose– Had to hear it too much this playoff season.

 My Favorite Goal Songs

  1. Kernkraft 400- Zombie Nation (Sports Remix). Good song to get the crowd pumped up. As a Michigan State football fan, I had to endure this song several times watching the Spartans play at Penn State and their whiteouts.
  2. Kid Rock- American Bad Ass. This used to be the song after the Edmonton goal horn. I secretly want the Red Wings to adopt this as “Are You Ready For This” is so 1990’s. Has anyone else besides me wondered why a team in Canada used a song called “American Bad Ass”?
  3. Tim McGraw- I Like It, I Love It. While I have strong opinions why hockey shouldn’t be played south of the Mason-Dixon line (a blog on that will come in the off-season), I like the country music spin for the Predators.
  4. Gary Glitter- Rock and Roll Pt 2. Where else can you get away with yelling “HEY YOU SUCK!” without getting kicked out?

My Least Favorite Goal Song

  1. There’s only one entry in this category.It’s Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis. This song is so annoying and bad that I don’t know if I will be able to watch any games of the Blackhawks-Sharks series. Chicago fans feel free to crucify me if you desire.


  1. Spoken like a true road team fan. Can’t stand Chelsea Dagger?

    That’s usually due to hearing it so much when your team’s goalie lets YET ANOTHER ONE through!

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