“Detroit sucks” chant erupts at Chicago celebration

For the past several seasons, the Chicago Blackhawks have sort of been a little brother to the Detroit Red Wings. You know, the brother who you can still put your palm on his forehead and keep him at arms length while he swings wildly and throws loose punches in your direction. Yeah, that kind of brother. And while the Blackhawks have made several key additions over the years and improved their squad season after season, they still couldn’t break out from behind the shadow of the Detroit Red Wings. That all changed earlier this week when the Blackhawks hoisted the Stanley Cup as the best team in the NHL. In celebration for their cup win,  Chicago fans proceeded to pull an extremely classy move and chant “Detroit sucks” at a celebration rally in the streets of Chicago. The video can be seen below:

I’ll be the first to admit that Chicago was the best team in the NHL this season and they were definitely the best team in the Stanley Cup Finals. They deserved to win the Stanley Cup. That being said, I’m not exactly sure why the Chicago fans would choose to acknowledge Detroit at that given moment instead of taking the opportunity to cheer for and support their own team that just won the Stanley Cup. It always boggles my mind when fans would choose to acknowledge a bitter rival or another franchise in any negative fashion when they could instead be cheering on and celebrating their own victory. Regardless, congrats to Chicago for their victory. They earned it.

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