Modano to Detroit?

Once I heard Mike Modano possibly being signed by Detroit this I had to take a double take. Could it be, the player I grew up watching and loving, a home grown Michigander, possibly playing for my home team? The thought still makes me tingle with anticipation.

Mike Modano is on the verge of retiring as the Dallas Stars have decided to part ways with their once franchise player. Modano is no spring chicken anymore, this is not contested, but he has plenty left in the tank. Modano played only 59 games last season and the majority of that on the third and fourth lines but put up a respectable 30 points. Modano’s strong suit is on the power play where he posted 3 goals and 7 assists. Ok, I know right now you are saying 10 points is pretty low, but factor in he did not play much on the power play, he did just fine.

Detroit currently, as always, waits on free agency to see who they can get for cheap and under the cap space. With Detroit losing a few free agents by will,  most likely including Jason Williams who did play point on the power play, it would make sense not only from a cap space opportunity to sign Modano, but also because he can work with young up and coming stars like Justin Abdelkader and Darren Helm.

Please Detroit, I know I have criticized you for signing old and over the hill players, but please sign Modano, I guarantee I will purchase a jersey with his new number on it. (9 is retired, 19 is retired, what other combination with 9 could he take?)

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