KHL Entices Kovalchuk

With the outlandish offer by the New Jersey Devils to All Star forward Ilya Kovalchuk still being decided upon to be fair and right, the Kontinetal Hockey League of Russia offered their own package to Kovalchuk. What is it you wonder? Not a penny more, not a penny less, but the exact contract that New Jersey offered; 17-year, $102 million. Oh, and an added bonus of picking whatever team he wants to play for.

The KHL is trying very hard to build their organization and to some extent have succeded. News headlines of more and more players leaving the NHL to play over in Russia is on the rise. Be it for a 1 year stint to get back into shape to return to the NHL or to finsih out their careers oversees.

The KHL still lacks the enormity of skilled players from all over the world that the NHL has. However, for some, the fact that it is a homeland, or having the ability to play lesser talent at near the same earnings in the NHL does offer an incentive to play in Russia.

If the initial New Jersey offer is declined, it will be interesting to see what Kovalchuk decides. Be it all about the money, the difficulty of the NHL, or other factors that may come into the mix.

Another interesting thing to ponder, with this offer from the KHL, does the NHL have a change of heart and allow the Devil’s offer in an attempt to keep a dominate figure Kovalchuk in the NHL instead of traveling oversees, or decline the Devil’s offer and allow Kovalchuk to be enticed by the KHL?

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  1. I love that the KHL pretty much stated that he is allowed to pick which team he plays for. Heck, why not try a new city each year and see what fits. The truth of the matter is that the KHL is a subpar league compared to the NHL. I wonder why it is that infamous “defectors” such as Zherdev and Hudler are now returning to the NHL? It isn’t for the money, that’s for certain. It’s because the NHL is a superior product. Anyway, I believe that Kovi will work something out with an NHL franchise, whether he stays with the Devils or another team entices him.

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