Bill Guerin Won’t be a Flyer

Veteran Bill Guerin has been released by the Philadelphia Flyers in his professional tryout.

Guerin, who is at the ripe age of 39 years old, has two Stanley Cup rings during his career. One with the New Jersey Devils when he was younger, and another recently with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2008-2009 season.

It is unknown where Guerin will end up, if anywhere. Some believe he is at the end of his game, although posting 45 points in 78 games played last season with the Penguins, it is tough to believe not one team will pick him up.

With all the injuries in the league already, such as the young and talented Colorado Avalanche with Peter Mueller out indefinitely with concussion symptoms, could be a fit.





2 responses to “Bill Guerin Won’t be a Flyer”

  1. Nick Avatar

    I’m thinking that he will wind up back on the island. Then come trading dead line time he will be highly sought after if he produces on par with his average totals.

  2. EB Avatar

    It is possible that if he is picked up and produces, that he could be a good seller come trade deadline. The question is if he is not picked up, how does he stay in shape to still be valuable come later in the season? Maybe someone picks him up and throws him down in their AHL system.

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