Sidney Crosby vs. Matt Niskanen

Sidney Crosby isn’t really known throughout the league for his fighting, but that doesn’t stop him from scrapping about once a season. Tonight, as the Pittsburgh Penguins took on the Dallas Stars, Crosby took on Matt Niskanen right off a face off in the middle of the 2nd period. While it looked like Niskanen might have the upper hand initially, Crosby quickly began to change that. He viciously threw Niskanen around like a rag doll, and purely dominated the fight. Although the fight didn’t do much to energize the team tonight, it might be more of a long term thing. The Penguins haven’t played the best hockey to start the season, but seeing your captain and most skilled player out there sacrificing himself should certainly help rally the troops.


  1. Seems to be young Sid has been hitting the gym for some strength training in the off season. I always knew he was solid for his size, but he was firing Niskanen around like a child. Much stronger core is the key I say

  2. Sid is strong, no doubt, but he picks fights with guys that he knows he can beat. I don’t have respect for that. Pens fans can say what they want, but if you compare him to a Jarome Iginla, Sid looks like a little punk. Besides, Sid was playing ring around the rosy with Nitkanen, he was not fighting.

    Niskanen’s words on the fight, “I hadn’t said a word to him all night. He was just looking to spark his team. I made sure he really wanted it, and we went. I think he picked me out. Maybe I was the smallest guy out there.”

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