Joe Thornton Suspension: Head Shot to David Perron

In last night’s game, San Jose Sharks big Joe Thornton laid into St. Louis Blue David Perron that sent Thornton to the dressing room early. There seems to be some controversy already following the hit, mainly from disgruntled San Jose fans (5-5-1).

Thornton was exiting the penalty box and hit Perron at about a 45 degree angle. Although this is in the gray area of a blindside hit, the point of impact was indeed the head. Could this be because Thornton is 6’4″ and Perron 6’0″? Of course the height difference plays a factor, but any shot to the head needs to be avoided.

Thornton is a good tough player, physical one indeed, but he needs to start using his head and stop targeting the head. Thornton had enough time to let up as he could see Perron not skating with his head up. The league is not trying to remove big hits, but dangerous hits. When it is all said and done, if you get the puck away from your opponent you have done your job. How you do that is left to the player, but a head shot should be what not to do. Thornton has been handed a 2 game suspension for his actions.

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