Tuesday’s Take: Boston Bruins Hockey Rules

I was thinking of writing about the whole Sean Avery shindig. Sure Avery is a dirty player, fantasy wise though he is not a bad pickup with his point getting every now and then and his oh so great ability to take stupid penalties.  But Chris seemed to sum it up well enough in his post about Sean Avery’s “sucker punch”.

Instead I have decided to keep this week’s edition a little light. The Boston Bruins have quite a marketing campaign going on with their “Boston Bruins Hockey Rules”. Videos of their Bruin (bear) with players, fans and even the scene of the crime.

Here’s two of the videos that I thought were really good:

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  1. Here’s a Friday take…..I’m watching Wings vs. Wild and there is a Minnesota player with the last name of Clutterbuck. I can only imagine what sort of spin b. Lee
    would give that name!! I can think of a couple myself…..

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