Plekanec and Kostitsyn Show Best Use of On-Ice Teamwork

In last nights game between Montreal and Edmonton at Bell Centre, Canadiens forward Andrei Kostitsyn was  struck on what appeared to be his foot by a shot from P.K. Subban. He tried to hobble to the bench but fell to the ice. In an attempt to what could be to keep play going and not have the referee stop play due to an injured player on the ice, Tomas Plekanec rolls Kostitsyn over and over to help him get to the bench.

The footage viewers watching the game on TSN can see the video here. It begins at the :55 second mark after you see Mathieu Darche’s power play goal. If you want to see just the video of Plekanec rolling over Kostitsyn, go here.


  1. I wonder if Matt would let me do this to him if he was hurt on the rink? Eddie I would show the same towards you but we are not line-mates. Man this clip is funny. Tuck and roll grandma!

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