HWB Rewind: Monster slapshot rips through goal

Welcome to the first edition of a new column that we are referring to as Rewind. The goal of this column is to replay videos of sick dangles, heavyweight bouts and bone-crushing hits from the past several weeks that may have gone unnoticed by hockey fans. With 30 teams in the NHL and each team playing roughly three games a week, it’s easy to overlook some of these highlights. So our goal with this column is to find those highlights and bring them back to the limelight for fans to see either for the first time or again.

Our first edition here is sort of a two-for-one since I found a similar video while searching through YouTube for the video that I wanted to display. We’ll start with the original video that I wanted to post.

Remember that monster shootout of a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Tampa Bay Lightning about a month ago that the Lightning went on to win by a score of 8-7? Well, Tampa Bay defenseman Brett Clark had a goal in that one, as did just about everyone else who suited up for the game. What makes Clark’s goal so special is that it almost didn’t count. Coming up the left wing, Clark hammered a monster slapshot past goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky that actually ripped the netting of the goal and sailed out the other side. Check out the video here:

Like I said, after looking for a decent clip of this video on YouTube I came across a similar incident from almost a year ago at the Olympics. In a  game between Canada and Germany, defenseman Shea Weber, who is known to have a rocket of a slapshot, absolutely drilled a shot from the point that went over the goalies shoulder and right through the netting of the goal. After a video review, Weber was awarded the goal and Canada went up 2-0 on Germany. Check out a video of Weber’s blast slicing through the net.

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