Sid the Kid’s Streak Ends

Pittsburgh Penguin’s Sidney Crosby’s streak has finally come to an end. Last night, against the New York Islanders, team and goaltender Rick DiPietro turned away 37 of 38 shots to take a 2-1 win by means of a shootout. Crosby only had two of those shots.

Crosby’s streak was cut at 25 games with marking at least 1 point every game, tied for 11th longest streak in NHL history. The last streak was from Mats Sundin in the 1992-1993 season with 30 points.

Regardless of team affiliations, every hockey fan should respect that of what Crosby has done. Sure we all dislike the Penguins, and hearing about Crosby, but there really is something special about what he has been able to do this year; a streak of 25 games with at least 1 point, league leader in both goals (32) and points (65).

The streak is over, for now at least. It would not be surprising to see another streak from Crosby, be it this year or the next. All I wonder really is, what off ice training does he do and can I get in on it?


  1. Congrats to Sid I think it was a great lead in to the winter classic. It helped build up the hype. I still think that Lidstrom still has a good shot at the Heart. Sundin didn’t win the Heart that year when he had 30 game pt streak. If you are wondering who did win it it was Mario Lemuix.

  2. EB!! What’s going on??!! A quick scan of the HWB posts
    shows me that you have gone almost a week without
    contributing. NY Eve partying too much for you??

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