Hockey World Blog NHL Power Rankings: Week 15

Entering the last week of the season before the All-Star game this weekend, teams will have between 1-2 games before having the weekend off. Check back next week when next week’s 1-30 team rankings will be dedicated to the mid-point of the season and what they can do to make themselves better in the second half.

Rank Team Last Week Team Notes
1 PHI 2 Sure, they may have lost to New Jersey Saturday, but they bounced back on short rest to dominate Chicago at the United Center. They carry 8-2 record in last 10 games.
2 DAL 4 The Flyers have the leagues best road record at 16-5-3. Franchise-best eight-game road winning streak came to an ugly end vs. Calgary. They can start a new streak tonight at Vancouver.
3 DET 1 Suffered ugly losses to two of its current rivals this week. They face New Jersey this week at the worse time as Devils ride four-game winning streak.
4 VAN 3 The Canucks have not celebrated a victory in 10 days. They have lost last three games in OT/SO fashion. They host two tough home games vs. Dallas and Nashville before having the weekend off.
5 NSH 5  Nashville is slowly creeping up the standings. They are in the middle of a six-game road trip, where they have gone 3-1 with two games remaining. Also note, their second half schedule will be home-heavy as they have played 28 road games compared to 20 home games.
6 TB NR The Bolts have won four-straight. Three of those came against division foes. They should be able to beat Toronto before heading into the weekend on a high note.
25 NJ 28 Look out now, these are the Devils we were expected to see. They are riding high on a four-game winning streak. Should they beat Detroit, they will enter the weekend without the worse record in the NHL.
26 FLA NR They hit a weird stretch in the schedule before the weekend. They have three road games in four days, losing against NJ yesterday. Hopefully they will rest before traveling to NYR and BOS on consecutive nights.
27 TOR 26 The Leafs head south for a pair of games against CAR and TB before the weekend. Let’s hope Mike Komarisek can stay out of the night clubs and focus more on playing defense instead of pretending women at the club is the Stanley Cup.
28 NYI 27 There is a reason why Evgeni Nabokov doesn’t want to report to the Island. They are currently on their fourth goalie of the season, and they don’t have much to play for. Let Nabokov play for a contender so he can look good when enters free-agency this summer.
29 OTT 29 One of two teams (Minnesota being the other) without a shootout victory. Probably because they don’t have the chance to seeing they have been victims of four blowouts this month.
30 EDM 30 The Oilers have earned only five points in 11 games this month. They also have a league-high seven shootout losses, including last night against Nashville.

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