Brent Johnson KO’s Rick DiPietro in one Punch

If you haven’t yet seen the video where Pittsburgh goalie Brent Johnson gets into one of the quickest goalie fights you will ever see with New York Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro, here it is. Johnson punches and knocks out DiPietro with one punch. I’ve had gumballs from the quarter machine last longer than DiPietro in this fight. If you even┬ácare who won the game Wednesday night, Pittsburgh won 3-0.


  1. Way to go Rick. You can’t stay healthy when your not getting into fights. The fighting style isn’t very good either. He’s no Ozzie or Vernon. That’s back when the goalies actually hated each other.

  2. Who called it? DiPietro out 4-6 weeks with a broken face from the fight. I guess the hit fractured his skull right above his eye socket. The china doll saga continues. If Nabakov wants to start the rest of the season looks like he has a shot.

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