Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick
Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick

Update: Head over to Pure Hockey to pick up your Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick! Enter the coupon code “hockeyworld” to save 10% on select items.

After the successful release of the Bauer APX skate, we knew it wouldn’t be long before a stick by the same name followed. Well, following the typical Fall release pattern for new sticks, we can expect to see the Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick hit retail store shelves in October of 2011.

More information is now coming out about the new Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick, and we’ve got some technical specifications to share with you. Some of the features you can expect on the Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick are outlined below:

“The Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick has been designed to have optimal balance and a quick release. It is ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots.” – Bauer Hockey 2011 Holiday Catalog

Micro Feel II Shaft – The shaft will have rounded corners and double concave walls to allow you to get that comfortable feel and fit in your hands.

Intelli-Sense Shot Technology – The APX stick is designed with a dual kick point. Prior to 2009, Vapor sticks had a low kick-point which provided a quick release on wristers and snap shots. With the addition of a higher kick point, the Bauer Vapor APX stick can now provide a great kick on slapshots as well.

Patented Dual Density Blade Core – Similar to the blade of the Total One, the dual density blade core is the ultimate combination of balance, feel, power and performance. The blade contains an aramid reinforced epoxy core, which provides that tremendous feel for the puck upon receiving a pass or while stick handling. Additionally, the Aero Foam II core material will prevent blade deflection when shooting by providing torsional stiffness. This will increase accuracy and improve overall blade balance.

The Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick will come in both grip and clear version. The APX Griptac stick will feature a bit of white on it, where the clear APX hockey stick will be more black, grey and red. The traditional clear APX stick is definitely looking better in to me. I’m still sticking with my opinion that the APX stick is the best looking stick Bauer has ever designed.

The new stick will, of course, come in senior, intermediate and junior sizes. Each size will feature varying flexes and blade patterns. Retail stores will begin shipping the new Bauer Vapor APX sticks in October, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your mitts on one.

You can now buy the new Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick from Pure Hockey for $249.99.

Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Sticks
“The Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick has been designed to have optimal balance and a quick release. It is ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots.” - Bauer Hockey 2011 Holiday Catalog


  1. I think I saw Patrick Kane using a different stick lately. It wasn’t a X:60 and it didn’t look like a total one. So I might be that new APX stick.

  2. Its going to combine the x60 and the total one. With the same low kick point as the x60. The blade technology is the exact same as it is in the total one. Which is going to give the apx a sick feel like the total one. It definatly looks like a vapor. Not ridiculosly nice looking but its still nice none the less.

  3. I’ve seen it and it looke awesome! The Bauer REP said it will be a completely different version of the X60, its lighter and more resistent. In the blade it has a dual layer technology that allows less deformation and more feeling and more! 😀

  4. hey guys i thought bauer was on a 2 year alternation of vapor and suprem so that would mean that the stick wont come out till 2012

    • no man every year they comeout with a new one this year it was the total one, they havent made a vapour in two years they are due for a new one

  5. Photo of this stick on Bauer Facebook page….check it out….but maybe they’ll change it…and I think this is not the final version

  6. My LHS said that the blade will have the same puck catching characteristics but will be a less lively blade. Basically a totalone blade with a little more crispness

  7. what stick has steven stamkos been using in warm up my friends says its a supreme totalone95 is this true or just a custom totalone

    • The Total One is pretty light at a reported weight of 433g. I haven’t found anything about a weight of the APX but I will believe it will be no heavier than 450g. I personally have never played a stick that light. My 2009 Warrior Bentley is 590g and I think that is an ideal weight for my preference because I like a little weight behind my shot. I have played twice with the BattleAxe BX7 just like the one we are giving away and that is 515g and that feels super light for me compared to the Bentley.

    • In my opinion, I would think not. Bauer views the product lines to be different, and although the APX will be the newer of sticks, the TotalOne will still be the top of the line in the other product line. It be sweet if it did though.

      Matt, the gear guy, may have a different of opinion though.

    • No, it will not. The Total One will come down when the new Supreme stick is released in fall 2012.

      • Too bad. I have had three x60s and I liked those, but the Total One is so much better, and I was looking to buy a couple Total Ones. I guess pro stock may be the way to go.

  8. ok matt u have to understand that if this stick does come out this fall we will not be seeing a new supreme stick till 2013 but if this stick comes out when i think its gona witch is 2012 then the new supreme wont come out till 2014

    • Sorry Mike, but you are incorrect. The Vapor X:60 came out in fall 2009. The Supreme Total One in fall 2010. This fall, 2011, we will see the Vapor APX stick. A new Supreme would be due next fall, 2012.

  9. I don’t get it man. Why can’t Bauer release their new gear before the season starts. I need a stick before August but the apx won’t be out yet. Just disappointing.

    • Good point. Could be a marketing decision in hopes to have people buy it mid season. It looks worth the wait though.

      We reviewed the Blue Ice Nano Pro earlier, runs about $100 for a solid one-piece. Might be an option if you need something at the start that won’t break the bank, but can give you the performance until you purchase the APX.

  10. idk about this stick. i love bauer but i have doubts about the apx stick. ive had a couple x60s and im using a totalone now. for sticks i gotta say i prefer the softer feel of the totalone and i like the spiral grips along the edges. that being said i did love my x60s too. while i think the vapor line is better for skates im not so sure when it comes to sticks.

  11. Matt is a little better with dates, so he can chime in on that.

    As for possibly going with the APX, try it on and see if you like the feel. I’m a Bauer fan, just always seem to be right for me. If they feel good on your feet and you like how they look, I am sure they will be as good as your Reeboks if not much better.

    It really just comes to feel. It is definitely worth looking into.

  12. 250 dollars for a stick? How about you think about the customer before pricing it 230+ for a stick that will easily break you greedy pigs.

  13. Looks awesome i have the totalone and I love it cant wait for october because I’m get this as soon as it comes out

  14. they have them labeled wrong the grip is the black one. currently using the apx stick and after using both the t-one and x60 i can say bauer has really stepped the game up with this stick . great feel and response super light and durable get ready to snipe and dangle with ease. blade composition has a different then any other in the bauer line.

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