Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick Picture

Matt posted a while ago about the release of the new Bauer Vapor APX hockey stick. The stick will be accompanying the new Bauer Vapor APX skate set to release April 29th. Below are pictures of the new skates and the new Bauer Vapor APX stick. Hockey World Blog would like to thank Sarah for the heads up and sending the picture of the stick. Thanks Sarah.

I think we can all agree that the new Vapor line is definitely flashy. Add a few toe drags, maybe a snipe from time to time and you will definitely be turning some heads.

You can now pre-order the new Bauer Vapor APX stick from Inline and Ice Warehouse for only $249.99. The stick will begin shipping on October 6th.

Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick
Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Skate






30 responses to “Bauer Vapor APX Hockey Stick Picture”

  1. Carter Avatar

    I want the apx stick so bad

  2. Eddie Avatar

    This is just begging to be customized……can’t wait for it to be released on MyBauer!

  3. kevin Avatar

    dude that stick looks beast

  4. tyler Avatar

    i just blew my load all over my screen after seeing the stick.. so pumped

    1. Tyler W Avatar
      Tyler W

      my names tyler too and i just said the same comment in class

  5. Eddie Avatar

    “Hmm, that’s gross.”

    Any word on the release date for this puppy? *crosses fingers and hopes that it comes out at the same time as the skates*

    1. Matt Avatar

      The new APX stick will be released in October 2011

  6. EB Avatar

    No release date yet. Unfortunately it will not be when the skates come out next week. Keep checking back as we will update the post when we have a date for release.

  7. Luke Avatar

    will this be lighter then the total one?

    1. EB Avatar

      I would believe it will be in the same ballpark of the TotalOne for weight, but with advances over the time between sticks, it might be slightly less. Nothing that drastic though. When we find out any details we will update you guys.

  8. ludwig paupardin Avatar
    ludwig paupardin

    nice nice nice best of all time

  9. jack Avatar

    i cant wait to customize that puupy

  10. jack Avatar

    I mean I cant wait to customize that puppy!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jace Avatar

    bauer apx is better (L) its dope

  12. EB Avatar

    Have any of you purchased from My Bauer? What are your thoughts on the customization ability?

  13. Eddie Avatar

    I ordered my now-broken X:60 from My Bauer last year. I thought that the range of blade patterns, grip choices, colours etc. were pretty expansive. I loved the fact that I could get the corner tactile grip on a Vapor stick, not a fan of the stick-um.

    1. EB Avatar

      How do you like that corner tactile grip? I was somewhat intrigued by that option.

      What end product did you go with? Color, blade, etc…?

  14. Todd Avatar

    This stick is so siiccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
    I wish i could afford one of these

  15. Eddie Avatar

    I love that grip, just where you need it on the corners and not sticky. I went with a 75 flex, P88 Kane curve, corner tactile grip, silver, and name on it. Loved it, love Vapor sticks as they suite my style of play.

    Only problem I had was blade durability, the blade broke near the end of the season after struggling on after the half-way mark, so hopefully the blade on the APX is a bit more durable because the rest of the benefits of the stick are too good o be dragged down by a weak blade.

  16. kevin Avatar

    i get this stick october cant wait

  17. kevin Avatar

    i ment in october

  18. terrence Avatar

    i have to get this stick i cant wait to see how hard it kicks

  19. kyle pavlack Avatar
    kyle pavlack

    the apx stick is badass love the release off my snap shots im do the demo for it now

  20. EB Avatar

    Kyle, you wouldn’t happen to play junior A?

  21. Crazy10Hawk Avatar

    Is this stick gonna be relatively the same as the x60 or did they add something new to it cause from the picture it looks as if it’s got the same textreme pattern as the x60?

  22. EB Avatar

    Larger weave pattern like the Total One stick. Combination of Total One and the X:60 with some new technology put into it.

  23. slade Avatar

    just got the stick with the grip… i got it yesterday which was the day it came out. cant wait to try it out. it looks 10 times better in real life! they only have released it in kane and stamkos though so i got stamkos cause kane has the dumbest curve ever

  24. Codie Avatar

    The stick is like heaven in your hands

  25. John Avatar

    Used a apx stick for 15 seconds and it snapped another exensive bauer product that failed.

  26. Ty Avatar

    whats better, the easton stealth rs or the bauer apx?

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