1993 Stanley Cup Awarded to City Without Team

What other sports typos have you seen around hockey?

I  have a job in an office building just like most other people. I have my own desk area, and I have the liberty to decorate it however I desire. I believe I am one of only two hockey fans out of my company with over 250 employees because it is the only one seen with anything hockey (and sports) related around their desk.

I bought one of those daily calendars that has a funny or interesting NHL statistic or fact that you can tear apart everyday and learn something new. I don’t look forward because I like the intrigue of learning something new. I learned something new Friday: that in 1993 a team named the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup over the Buffalo Sabres. I hope Montreal Canadiens fans who have this calendar didn’t see that today in offices across the country.

Of course we all know this is  simple typo because we know Brett Hull scored one of the most infamous Stanley Cup winning goals in 1999, not 1993. Dallas didn’t even have their own franchise in the spring of 1993. The Stars moved from Minneapolis in 1993 and started playing in Dallas at the start of the 1993-94 season.

While we are on the subject, below is a list of some of the more well known engraving mistakes on the only North American professional trophy where players names are on it: the Stanley Cup.

  • Dickie Moore won six cups, his name was spelled differently five times (D. Moore, Richard Moore, R. Moore, Dickie Moore, Rich Moore).
  • Bob Gainey’s name was spelled “Gainy” when he was part of several Montreal championship teams in the 1970’s.
  • On the 1963 entry, you will see Toronto Maple “Leaes” instead of Leafs.
  • The engraver in 1972 must have heard Boston natives say “Bqstqn” because that’s how it was spelled.
  • Teams that won four-straight championships aren’t spared either, as the New York “IIanders” was engraved in 1981.
  • Adam Deadmarsh is the first player to have his name changed following a mistake. His name was spelled “Deadmarch” in 1996.
  • Other players who have had their names corrected include Manny “Lagace” Legace, Eric “Staaal” Staal, and Kris “Vertseeg” Versteeg.

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