Battleaxe BX7 Stick Giveaway Contest

Battleaxe BX7 Hockey StickWe have partnered up with the team over at Battleaxe Hockey to give away a free Battleaxe BX7 hockey stick to one lucky fan. The contest will begin today, and run through the end of the month. The winner will be sent a BX7 stick in their choice of size, flex, pattern and hand. So how do you enter? Simple, follow the steps below:

  1. Comment on this post and tell us why you deserve to win the Battleaxe BX7 stick. Be creative, be funny, be whatever you want, as long as you come up with a good reason.
  2. Head on over to the Battleaxe Hockey facebook page and like them!

When you leave us a comment, be sure to use the same name that you use on Facebook. If you don’t, we will not be able to tell who you are. Otherwise, that’s it! Those two things are the only requirements. The four of us here at HWB, along with the team at Battleaxe, will narrow the entries down and choose the best to win. The last day to enter the contest will be April 25th, and we will announce a winner on April 30th. So what are you waiting for? Start commenting and liking!


  1. i should get a new hockey stick because im looking for a stick and have tried all different places but all of them break so i never tried this equipment so ill see if i like it. and i am awesome! 🙂

  2. I should get the new hockey stick because I’m doing a demonstrative speech in my communications class at college on how to watch a hockey game. Having an actual hockey stick to show all the penalties would be awesome! Help me illuminate my class on how badass hockey is!

  3. I would love to get a BX7 stick because my game is all about going in the corners, battling in front of the net, and ripping slap shots. I need a stick that can keep up with my game, unlike the other one piece sticks that break in 30 days. *Cough* Easton *Cough* Bauer

  4. I would love to win a free Battle Axe BX7! I have been described as incredibly cheep, but I prefer cost effective. When looking at stick I definitely want top of the line performance and durability, with out a inflated cost for a Name, (tough to find)! Looking around the web Battle Axe pops up as fitting the bill. Playing completive Rec Hockey I could defiantly put it trough one tough battle!

  5. I would love to win this stick for my awesome hockey playing fiance! Hockey is what keeps him going, and for all he does for me he deserves an amazing stick! I love to go watch him play and would love to see the look on his face when I give him a bx7!!!

  6. why I would deserve this stick is because one reason only I’M BROKE cant afford a a stick just like about 90% of people now a days! Plus it would help my game by embarrassing goalies every game!

  7. I deserve it because I want it to give it away., my twin brother the center on my team refuses to get a new stick because “he’s just a broke college kid” anyway his stick now is horrendous it’s an old sherwood that looks like he uses it to fight beavers off instead of play hockey that and I’m a battle axe fan I currently use a bx7 but will probably upgrade to there 10 or 12 anyway please give my broke twin brother a new stick so his old one can go missing

  8. I deserve this stick because my parents can’t afford a nice composite stick for me. I’ve been playing hockey for 6 years now and i’m playing with a semi broken handed down Easton SL. Please i really need a better stick.

  9. I posted on here about wanting it for my brother and I still do but someone got my bx7 out of the back of my truck five finger discount style had to use a teammates easton composite NEVER AGAIN I had 2 break aways and 2 shots both went wide I miss my battle axe already anyone have any idea where I can get a bx7 10 or 12 in the cincinnati area since the pro shop I bought mine at sold out and hasn’t decided if they will stock them any more

  10. I deserve the stick because my stick is almost broken and it is getting pretty flimsy so I can’t get a solid shot. I am also poor so I can’t buy my own.

  11. i should get this stick because its tuesday and i gotta get this stick on tuesday 🙂 also i broke my u+ and i need a a new stick now so pleaseeee give it to me

  12. I should get this stick because im broke and my parents make me buy my own gear and i have one left with a cracked blade and sumer hockey is right around the corner and my stick wont last much longer. Please and thanks

  13. I would like to enter this contest for my sons!! They are both die hard hockey fanatics….there is not a day that goes by that one or both of them are not playing hockey. It starts first thing in the morning when they wake up and goes on until they are told to stop…They both play hockey and love the sport! The basement of our home has become a hockey arena and the same goes for our back yard. My oldest is in desperate need of a new stick for this up-coming season…The reason being that all of the hockey sticks in our home have been worn out or chipped from the boys playing so much!! It goes to show how much love of the game and sport my sons have!! And if my oldest was to win this stick I can guarantee that it would be in our family for a very very long time…As when one out grows it…it is passed down to the other and then again there is one more little boy in the family that has begun to also have a love for the sport!!

  14. I deserve the stick because the XN10 that i use now is 8 years old. Sniping is a tough job, and it requires the best equipment possible. I cant possibly carry my team on my back with such horrible equipment. The new stick would guarantee an increase in goals, and thus wins. This stick is for the betterment of my team, not just myself.

  15. I deserve this stick. Why? I’ll be on roller hockey team contending for the national championship. I have two sticks now that are in the process of breaking. They were useful, but I’m looking for a stick that really feels right in my hands. A stick that will be part of me. An instrument of snipes, dangles and cellys that is so nasty that people fear a man flying down the wing with a Battleaxe.

    I deserve this stick because in my hands, it isn’t just a stick: it’s a weapon that can wreak devastation and strike terror into the hearts of my opponents. In my hands… this stick will be true to its name.

  16. Oh and I should also get some points for finding and being the first order from battleaxe’s store weeks before it was even open. Now I have to go old school with a fax machine on monday to get my bx10 still wasn’t this one for my brother and as an extra for our team want to get battleaxe quality in the hands of more player so they throw out their old sticks at least I know I can never go back!!

  17. I need the BX7 so I can snipe the goalie’s water bottle off the net then drink from it! The sweet taste of victory!!

  18. I have tried the rest now I am ready to try the best. I have been trying to find someone using one of these sticks in my area. I play in two leagues in one of the biggest mens leagues in the USA. And I have not found one!! We need to change that. Get one these master pieces in my hands and I will get that Battle axe name all over the Tampa area!! Let’s see i wil take a right handed zetterberg type curve 100 flex and color doesn’t matter and i prefer a grip coating…… Lol. Thank you all for entering and showing your support for battleaxe hockey. Wish you all luck in future contests and thank you again for choosing me!!!

  19. I would like to win the BX7 stick because I can not shoot very well. I’m expecting that with a really nice stick it ought to score goals for me. My current stick is a Johnson by Warrior. While my Warrior Johnson (yes that is awesome to say) is great at keeping me from falling over it just doesn’t score goals. It also has a bad habit of picking up hooking penalties. So please replace my Warrior Johnson with a Battleaxe so my stick will still have a sweet name but put me on the score sheet and keep me out of the penalty box. Thanks!

  20. Because at my age in Sunday Night Beer League the most expensive skates in the world won’t make me faster. But with a Battleaxe BX7 I can top-shelf one behind you faster than you can say, “I’ll have another Molson”.

  21. I should win this stick because with a new BX7, I will be able to bring new life to the sayings, “When you have no angle, you have to dangle,” and “When in doubt, toe drag out,” and of course, “When the time is ripe, you have to snipe.”

    • I also run a hockey urban legends website, and one of the legends circling the web right now is that it is physically impossible to not go bar down with the BX7, so this is another reason why I need the BX7 so that I may find out the truth behind this myth.

  22. I like to do many things I am very energetic,
    I play a sport called hockey other sports are pathetic.
    Once you played the game you can never give it up,
    You will be in it for life trying to win the Stanley Cup.
    The stick that I have now has a twelve inch extension,
    And its so beat up and old it wouldn’t pass inspection.
    The shaft on it is cracking and the blade is very thin,
    But I cant stop playing now that would be a sin.
    It would be amazing if I won a Battleaxe BX7,
    With a stick that good it would be like playing in heaven.
    But nothing will ever stop me from playing the game I love,
    Whether I win a new stick or not there will be one in my glove.

    -Andrew Hallock

  23. i think i deserve to win BX7 Stick. This is why. First of all i am the only person to ever hear of the brand in my entire league. It looks liek a great stick and i only have one other stick. This would be great for my first stick since i have a crappy one. My parents wont buy me more than one and even more than 80 dollars. I would show my whole league the stick they would see how good andf get it themselves. i also have a youtube and website the website you saw but on my youtube leftyhockeyreviews, i do reviews so this would be perfecr to review the stick. alot people watch my videos and a lot are interested in my hockey channel. i also really liek the feature of the stick and the design.. i would be amazed if i can win this stick. Thanks for giving everyone the oppurtunity to win a stick. it shows that you guys care about develoment in the game of hockey. hope i win thanks

  24. I’ll try my hand at this, but I warn you, writing just isn’t my thing… at least that’s what my English teacher told me today after my final exam.

    There are a dozen reasons reasons why I need a free BX7, but one stands out to me. I play club hockey for my University, and I’m by no means a “goal scorer”. In fact, I only have one point through twenty-something games, and it was from an assist. Sad I know. But eventually I’m going to bury one, and when I do I’d rather it be with a Battleaxe than some big-named brand that is more worried about the money they make, than the player they equip. Battleaxe keeps the hockey player in mind, not the hockey payer. So help me out guys, let my first goal in college be with a brand that still cares.

  25. I would love to win a Battleaxe BX7 stick because I have a 13 year old Bantam right wing and a 14 year old Midget goalie. Most women want diamonds and furs but I dream of hockey equipment. When I go to the RBC Center and see the pallets of hockey sticks, I want to drive my forklift in and stow a pallet in the back of my minivan.

    I don’t think we have enough sticks at home or at least not enough whole sticks. My kids keep every stick they’ve ever owned which is OK because I also wish for a hockey stick chandelier like they have in the Times Square NHL store.

    I would also like to win this stick because our coach loves Battleaxe equipment and we don’t have a retailer in Wilmington North Carolina. We can be the family that starts a new passion for Battleaxe equipment.

  26. I deserve this Battleaxe BX7 because not only am I a massive hockey enthusiast in the process of joining her first coed team, I’m also the mother of a toddler with a budding enthusiasm for all things puck. Using such epic equipment, I’ll be able to show her hockey’s great ability to level the playing field with skill, regardless of gender, and I know I could channel my inner Teddy Roosevelt when she goes off the chain and speak softly, and teach her how to channel that energy into shooting for the five hole.

  27. I happen to have many stray cats in the neighborhood, and i have misplaced my baseball bat. I would love to win the stick to replace my weapon of choice, as it seems like every morning my trash is torn to shreds.

  28. I would love to win a Battleaxe stick – love me a stick named after me. LOL, the old Battleaxe herself p.s. My son loved his Battleaxe stick and needs a new one!

  29. i think i deserve the stick cause i am a dedicated hockey player that loves the sport and knows that the sport is about broken sticks new sticks and finding the right one. i would make that stick get the use it needs to put some points on the board and lead the team with a awesome shooter. thanks for this opportunity to get a stick. hope you choose me.

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