Battleaxe BX7 Stick Contest Winner

After sifting through plenty of entries to our contest, we have finally chosen a winner., along with Battleaxe Hockey, would like to congratulate Bryant Barnhill on winning a brand new Battleaxe BX7 hockey stick. Here is Bryant’s comment which won him the new twig:

I’ll try my hand at this, but I warn you, writing just isn’t my thing… at least that’s what my English teacher told me today after my final exam.

There are a dozen reasons reasons why I need a free BX7, but one stands out to me. I play club hockey for my University, and I’m by no means a “goal scorer”. In fact, I only have one point through twenty-something games, and it was from an assist. Sad I know. But eventually I’m going to bury one, and when I do I’d rather it be with a Battleaxe than some big-named brand that is more worried about the money they make, than the player they equip. Battleaxe keeps the hockey player in mind, not the hockey payer. So help me out guys, let my first goal in college be with a brand that still cares.

Congratulations Bryant! Someone will be in contact with you shortly, if they haven’t already, so you can claim your prize. Be sure to let us know when you score that big first goal with your new BX7 stick!

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