Hockey World Blog NHL Power Rankings: Playoff Week 6

 We are halfway to the Stanley Cup. Only four teams have the chance to get their hands on the prize they have their eyes set on since last season ended. The Canucks are Canada’s last hope to end the 19-year drought of the Stanley Cup having a home on Canadian soil besides the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Sharks advanced due to avoiding an epic collapse against the Red Wings have gave us one of the best Game 7s in a very long time. The Lightning and Bruins game Saturday night was decided in a span of 90 seconds. Not including tonight, there will be a game played every night for the next week and a half as the schedule alternates between East and West conference finals.

Rank Team (LW) Team Notes
1 TB (1) Eight consecutive wins for the Lightining. Five of those have come on the road. Most people want to say whomever comes out of the West is the favorite to win the Stanley cup. Not so fast my friends: Tampa Bay has a bolt of energy and could be a difficult matchup should they advance.
2 VAN (6) Vancouver took advantage of a team that has struggled in the third period in recent power play games. Should Vancouver advance to the Stanley Cup Final, they will be Gary Bettman’s worse nightmare: a Canadian team, a West Coast team, and they also have The Green Men.
3 SJ (4) The Sharks had a tough, physical series against the Red Wings. They looked good at first against the Canucks, but quickly let a one-goal lead turn into a one-goal loss in the third period. Their third period record the last five games sans Game 7 hasn’t been good.
4 BOS (2) For as well Tim Thomas played in the first 11 games of the playoffs, he nearly gave it all back in the span of 90 seconds when he allowed three goals in which his team couldn’t recover from. Hopefully his team can show up and play better in game two, as they are known to bomb one game and play fantastic the next.





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