Bruins Accept the Wales Trophy With Class

The Boston Bruins have taken the Eastern Conference Championship with a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The accomplishment was rewarded with the Wales Trophy by Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly to the Bruins’ Captain Zdeno Chara. Sticking with superstition, the Captain decided not to touch the trophy. However, the Bruins did receive the trophy with class as instead of the typical picture of the Captain, the presenter and the trophy, the whole Bruins’ team huddled around and took a picture. Whomever thought of doing such a thing is a class act guy. Below you can see the video.

A little tidbit about the Wales Trophy: The trophy in full is known as The Prince of Wales Trophy for Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. Prince Edward was the first son of King George V. Edward later became King after the death of his father, only to abdicate 326 days later. He was succeeded by his younger brother Albert, commonly known as Bertie by his family. Albert became King George VI. His daughter later succeeded him and to be known as Queen Elizabeth II who is still the Queen today.

If this all rings a bell then perhaps modern cinema has caught your eye. Both the Prince of Wales (Edward) and King George VI (Albert) were the focus in the movie A King’s Speech. If however, you have not seen the movie, I would suggest you do so. And in doing so, make note that you now know who the Wales Trophy is named after.

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