Canucks’ GM Gillis Cries Foul

The Vancouver Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis cries foul in the hit that injured Mason Raymond.

Raymond, a second line forward is out for three to four months after sustaining a vertebrae compression fracture. Most importantly, Raymond is out for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The injury came on a routine play as Boston Bruin’s defenseman Johnny Boychuk tied up Raymond in the bruins defensive zone. As the puck went between the two entangled players, the two continued to the boards. As taught, Boychuk finished his hit.

After reviewing the play several times, the play is a normal hockey play. Boychuk directed Raymond to the boards and out of the play as any good defenseman would and should do. Unfortunately, Raymond was in an awkward position, resulting in hitting the boards wrong and an injury.

Canucks’ general manager Mike Gillis was reported storming out of the TD Garden after Game 6, questioning a lot of people as to whether or not anyone saw the puck near Raymond when he was hit by Boychuk. Most likely upset, perhaps planting a “biased officiating” seed, Gillis was upset. This still comes from a GM who asked for a ‘level playing field’ in the Chicago Blackhawks’ series.

Plain and simple, the hit from Boychuk on Raymond was not dirty and will not result in a suspension. Actually, you can watch the replay and see how Boychuk even let off on the hit, noticing Raymond’s vulnerability. It is sad really, the Canucks are a very talented team. If only they quit diving, biting, and complaining, the hockey world would have a little more respect for them.


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  1. Marzio Avatar

    Hey bud do you have link to a video of it?

  2. EB Avatar

    I added the video of the hit. I think this one shows a good angle of the hit from a high angle where you can see Boychuk back off on Raymond. It was an unfortunate occurrence, but it was not anything to be irate over.

  3. Cue Ball Avatar
    Cue Ball

    I hear what you are saying. The reality is, the puck was not in play, not even close to them when Boychuk finished his hit. If anyone has played hockey, you would know Raymond was in a vulnerable position ( some say awkward). He was in a vulnerable position and Boychuk took advantage of it. There are a lot of hits to hurt, on both sides, and this is just another one. And it worked, he hurt him. Lets not pretend that hitting in hockey is to remove the player from the puck. Where was the puck in this play? 40 feet away. Hard play. Rutheless play. Clean play? If you say so.

  4. EB Avatar

    I will not disagree that the puck was not completely there. It did however go through their legs and they continued towards the boards. The play could have been called an interference, but more so in the regular season. If that was called in these playoffs every team would have been called for a lot of things similar.

    No one wants to see a player get hurt. I couldn’t imagine being in the finals and have to be out of it. But Boychuk didn’t intentionally try to hurt him nor did he really even check him. He led him to the boards and it was an unfortunate event.

    Point being, Gillis needs to keep his yap quiet. He has lost credibility with his whining and blind eye to his own team. Sure you want to stick up for your guys, but there is a fine line.

    Just another point, Edler’s hit on Peverly had a higher potential of being dangerous than Boychuk and Raymond. Personally I believe that should equate to a suspension as hitting on icing is very dangerous.

  5. YukMC Avatar

    The puck was not there. It was a late hit to a player in a vulnerable situation. Should have been a penalty, and based on the criteria set forward in this series (i.e. Rome), should be a suspension. Mike Murphy stated that the only reason Rome got suspended was because the hit was late. As for the Canucks getting more respect if they stop “diving, biting, and complaining”, that’s probably not going to happen. If Daniel Sedin is going to get a “diving” call for getting cross-checked to the ice, they will always be known as “divers”. It would be pretty one sided and bias if you say that The Canucks are the only team in this series that have embellished calls, played dirty and fought hard to win. I think the Bertuzzi incident has soured a lot of people on The Canucks, and they haven’t been able to seperate themselves from that stigma. Thanks.

  6. EB Avatar

    I really like the one about a minute and eight seconds in. It looks like a sniper took out Sedin. Maybe he should wear the motion suit for an upcoming Call of Duty.

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