New Jersey Devils file for Arbitration with Parise

The New Jersey Devils have filed for arbitration with restricted free agent Zach Parise.

On the surface, for Devil’s fans, this is excellent news. Filing for arbitration will look to have Parise play next season with the Devils. After sustaining an injury that took him out for the majority of the season, having his roughly 80 – 100 points a season could mean a lot to a team who missed the playoffs

It is unknown if the Devils look to ask for a reduced salary or are merely protecting their rights to Parise for a year. An arbitrator can reduce a players salary no more than 85% of his current salary, putting Parise at 4.25 million for next year. New Jersey keeps stating that their goal is to sign Parise long term, if so, having his salary reduced would be the last thing they would want to do.

Still though, with the Devils putting themselves in salary cap problems after after signing Ilya Kovalchuk for insane amounts of money, as well as having coaching problems, New Jersey may not look to be appealing to a stud like Parise. Parise, who currently is making 5 million, could easily ask for 7 million. New Jersey could meet his financial request but at a cost of not being able to sign enough depth players to make a go at the Stanley Cup. If talks are not going well between the two parties on a long-term deal, maybe it is in the best interest of the club to have his salary reduced and spend that money elsewhere.

It will be interesting to see what pans out, be it Parise signs for a long-term deal with the Devils or plays for one year and tests the free agency market. One thing that will tip off the Devils and Parise’s plans would be the arbitrator’s salary decision. If Parise plays next season at a reduced salary, expect Parise to be hitting the free agency in the 2012-2013 season.

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