Jamie Kennedy Meets the Flyers

In an oldy, but a goodie, comedian/actor Jamie Kennedy meets John LeClair and Keith Primeau of the Philadelphia Flyers.

For those who do not recall, Jamie Kennedy had his own show called The Jamie Kennedy Experiment on The WB. In the show, Kennedy would play practical jokes on people with the help of one of their friends. Kennedy tended to become a master in disguise, creating outlandish characters and settings, all to see the reaction of the victim.

In this episode, Kennedy plays a father to a boy by the name of Tommy. Tommy has won an opportunity to skate with both LeClaire and Primeau, with Primeau being the target. Keith Jones introduces them for the special event, then all hell humor breaks loose as Kennedy becomes the worst hockey Dad in history. Remember, Primeau is a 6’5″ 200 lb power forward who racked up 619 points and 1,541 penalty minutes in 909 NHL regular season games.

Enjoy, and remember, “…these are the Flyers, I know they’re not the Bruins, but they’re still the Flyers.”

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