EA Sports NHL 12 Preview

Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning gets the cover this year

EA Sports’ NHL 12 video game will be released in a little over a month. The NHL series has won many awards over the years, and with the new upcoming features, it will be worth your money to get. Here is a breakdown of some of the new gameplay:

Full contact physics engine

Nothing is better than a realistic feel when you’re laying the body on a guy. With the real-time physics technology, players are able to send opponents through the glass, into the benches with a hip check, and even take a run at the goalie.

Full balance control

Not every player is created equal. Some are better skaters, some are big lugs with power. Players will be able to use their strengths to better capabilities, like recovering from a glancing hit.

Dynamic goalies

From a player’s perspective, you are now able to make contact with the goalies. Of course it better be incidental or expect the goal to be waived off.

As for goalies, if the intensity of the game is just too much to handle, take it out on your opponent in a slug fest. Yep, goalie fights are finally here.

Anticipation A.I.

Perhaps the most intriguing new advancement for the series, computers are now able to better anticipate the play. No more long no-look passes up the center for an easy breakaway as the A.I. will sweep in the middle and intercept the pass. If the you’re dumping the puck in the offensive zone and the defense are going to get their before you, watch out for your opponents forwards to start breaking up the boards for an outlet pass. Also, nothing quite stops an odd-man rush like an off-sides. Computers will now drag a leg to hold the line.

The game is expected to come out on 9.13.11 with pre-orders available. As in the past, pre-ordering has its advantages. For example, if you pre-order from Gamestop, you will receive a Bauer player boost pack. The pack will surely give you an edge out the gate with your Be A Pro player both offline and especially online.

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  1. wwwwooowww that looks so coool i get the game the day it comes out i already payed it all off at a store it comes out september 13 2011

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