Fantasy Debate: Pavel Datsyuk

The beginning of the NHL season has been a unique one to say the least. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers were leading the league while other teams seemed to falter. One such team, the Detroit Red Wings, left many fans to wonder if this will be the season that their playoff streak ends. Have no fear as both Toronto and Edmonton begin to drop while the Red Wings slowly climb the Western Conference Standings. Despite the Red Wings recent success, a question arises for fantasy owners, what to do with Pavel Datsyuk?

Pavel Datsyuk is one of the best players in the game with takeaways and dangles that few players can match. But 19 games into the season, will Datsyuk put up big numbers to help your fantasy team?

Some may argue that he has 15 points in those 19 games, a respectable tally for any player. But currently on pace for 64 points, a point total that fantasy owners expect to be nearer to 90, some owners might want to look at their options. Factor in Datsyuk has nearly a quarter of his total points in the last 2 games, it may be time to dump the Datsyuk.

On the flip side, to cast more confusion in your Datsyuk debate, Pavel is still one of the top players in the league. Coming off of a 2 game, 4 point performance, perhaps the dam has finally broken. Surely Datsyuk will not keep up a two point night, but Datsyuk has yet to let any of his fantasy owners down. Last year he was out for part of the season, only playing 56 games and he still put up 59 points. The 2009-2010 season saw him take a dip, only to 70 points, but the 4 season previous he did not fall below 87 points.

Well, what to do what to do? Datsyuk could be his dependable self, or perhaps he is slowly declining in his point production. As a fantasy owner you need to make a decision soon on what to do. If you so choose to make a trade offer, now is the time, coming off of a good couple of games, a point total respectable to the amount of games played, and the Red Wings are starting to win again. But if you so choose to hold onto him, the future is unknown, but hope for bluer skies red lit lamps.






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