HWB “Movember” Nears a Close

With only a few days left in the month of November, Hockey World Blog will be wrapping up their “Movember” Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundraiser. As we are grateful for those who have donated (George Brown, Kenneth Uy, Sophia & Aliyah Jaleel, Frances Chapman and Anthony Kaylin), we hope for one last push to reach our goal of $500 donations from our readership.

As a reminder, HWB writers have taken to growing a mustache for the month of November. Some have grown in better than others, but through business meetings, wives/girlfriends rolling eyes and friends’ banter, HWB writers have stuck it out for a cause that really hits home. In early 2005, Matt and Chris, two of the founding members of Hockey World Blog, were informed that their mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After diagnosis, the doctors only gave her a few months to live. While she beat out the doctor’s initial estimations, Peggy Austin eventually lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in August 2005.

Over 44,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Of those, 94 percent will lose their battle within five years of diagnosis. A staggering 74 percent will lose their battle within the first year. The average life expectancy after diagnosis is just three to six months.

With the holidays and the gift of giving is upon us, we hope that our readership can contribute to our cause. We understand that not everyone is capable, but even a $5 donation goes a long way. Not quite convinced? HWB will match the first $500 of donations from our readership.

Please, take a moment to view our Pancreatic Cancer Research fundraiser page to the Hirshberg Foundation. Also, bid on either our Jimmy Howard autographed picture or a customized NHL team candle as proceeds will benefit the fundraiser.

Thank You for your continued readership and all who support our Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundraiser.

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