Finnish Hockey Brawl Reaches New Heights

When something-hockey related is on the Yahoo homepage, it must be worth clicking.


When something related to hockey makes the front page of Yahoo!, it must be worth clicking to investigate what is being written. As I went to see the video being shown via our friends at Puck Daddy, I had no idea I would see one of the wildest brawls I had ever seen.

In the Finnish SM Liiga match between HIFK and Pelicans, penalty minute records that you’d never want to see were set. The game combined for a SM Liiga-record 465 penalty minutes for the game, with 439 coming in the final 30 seconds. Where they got 439 from I don’t know considering it should have been a divisible number as majors are usually five minutes, minors two and misconducts 10.

The first 1:10+ of the video features a run of the mill fight between Siim Liivik of HIFK and Arttu Luttinen of the Pelicans. After that is done, watch what happens at the face-off at the right end zone. Pretty much all hell broke loose with a line bawl. I don’t think the puck hit the ice before sticks, gloves, and helmets were flying in the air. I’m sure the referee keeping track of who was participating in the fight must needed multiple pages of his riot note pad. In all, seven players from each team as well as both bench bosses were ejected from the game. In the 14-team league, Pelicans sit third while HIFK are in eighth place.

To see the box score, check it out here. Hope you have Google Translate as it is in Finnish.





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