Blackstone Sports Announces Results of Two Year Long Study Into Flat Bottom V Technology

For those who are not familiar, Flat Bottom V (FBV) technology is a revolutionary new way of sharpening skate blades. The system was designed by Blackstone Sports and is said to give you enhanced glide on the ice, improved agility, and better control. NHL players all the way down to your weekly beer league skaters are all making the switch, and noticing a considerable difference as well. In fact, some players in our own league are using FBV and have noticed a tremendous difference in the amount of glide their blades give them now.

Today, Blackstone Sports has issued a press release containing the results of an independent study verifying the improvements offered by the FBV technology. Check out the full press release below for more information. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you have used FBV and what you think of it.

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO – Dec. 7, 2011 – Following a two year, independent study by the University of Ottawa, Blackstone Sports®’ revolutionary Flat Bottom V® (FBV) ice skate sharpening technology has been scientifically proven to increase glide control, stopping stability and agility over traditional sharpened skates. Further verifying its leadership in the field, Blackstone received a United States patent, 8,056,907, directed to innovative skate sharpening machines and ice skate blade technology.

The purpose of the study was to qualify the technology as truly innovative and to quantify the performance aspects of the various shapes applied to the skate blade. The University researchers determined that there was an immediate performance advantage for the skater in agility with the FBV technology, as well as enhanced glide control and stopping stability. The study also proved empirically that an individual’s skating style is the paramount factor in determining which FBV shape on the blade is best to maximize that individual’s skating performance.

In use by 23 of 30 NHL teams, numerous Minor League teams and many Division One NCAA teams, this proven patented technology is only available through Blackstone and gives skaters an unrivaled edge over the competition. FBV’s technology revolutionizes conventional shaping options for blades by creating a flat bottom sharpening that maintains tiny “fangs” on each edge of the blade, allowing for a freer glide while still providing the necessary bite for proper turns and stops. The cost to receive the FBV sharpening is typically the same or only a few dollars more than a traditional sharpening.

For serious skaters and amateur teams who want to use the FBV cut, Blackstone has developed the X-01® and X-02® lines, currently priced at $979.99 and $1,559.99, of ultra-portable skate sharpeners. Meant for at home usage, the X-01 can sharpen skates to suit anyone’s style and performance. The X-02 is designed for more heavy usage by amateur teams and can be easily adjusted for each team member’s style. Both systems weigh less than 45lbs for easy transporting.

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    How does “in use by 23 of 30 NHL teams” translate into the actual percentage or number of NHL players that use FBV? I’m not sure if this means that 7 teams don’t even offer at all, and that 25% of players on the other 23 teams are using it.

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