Bobby Ryan Nets Ducks First Shorthanded Goal of Season

Not much good has gone right for the Anaheim Ducks this season. Yours truly drafted Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf in the second and third rounds respectively of our fantasy hockey league. The Ducks have already fired their coach and have the second-worse record in the NHL. They got themselves a good coach now in Bruce Boudreau, who was fired by Washington a couple days prior to coming to Anaheim.

The one bright spot the Ducks have had this season was last night’s shorthanded goal by Ryan. At New York, he was able to use his¬†stick handling¬†ability to skate around the defense and use a beautiful sweeping move from his backhand side to his forehand to score for the Ducks. It was the teams first shorthanded goal of the season, leaving Calgary and Detroit as the only teams not to score while shorthanded.


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