Mason Raymond spin-o-rama shootout winner

Mason Raymond must be dizzy after all the spinning he does in shootouts.

Tonight he pulled out his patented spin-o-rama move against the Tampa Bay Lightning for what ended up being the shootout game winner for the Vancouver Canucks. But immediately after he scored you can see Tampa Bay goalie Dwayne Roloson talking about the move to the ref and, after the goal, Steve Stamkos was delayed on his shootout attempt as the officials went to Toronto to review the goal. Why? Because the spin-o-rama move is borderline illegal in the shootout.

When it comes to shootouts and penalty shots, two main rules apply – a player only gets one attempt to score (meaning he can not bat in rebounds) and he must continue with forward progress toward the net. The spin-o-rama seems to stop the forward progress of the player as he puts on the brakes and pulls the puck around to the other side to tuck it into the open net. This move has been controversial in the past with other players pulling it off, but Raymond seemingly took it to the extreme in the shootout victory tonight where he seemingly halted all forward progress before making the move, prompting the review in Toronto.

Take a look at the entire shootout in the video below and you decide.  Do you think it should have counted or did Raymond stop forward progress, thus negating the goal? Raymond’s shootout attempt begins at the 1:30 mark.

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