Mike Ribeiro OT Goal

In case you missed it, Mike Ribeiro of the Dallas Stars put on a nifty little show of skill and quick thinking to win the game in overtime. Dallas played the Calgary Flames Thursday night, going into overtime with a 2-2 tie. Only 2 minutes and a second in, Mike Ribeiro netted the game winner from the top of the circle with a slap-shot blast. Sure, the slap-shot was pretty, but the behind the back move previous was even nicer. The video is below.

Two more interesting notes about the goal.

1. Ribeiro called out Stars’ fans for their lack of attendance, saying, “Hopefully you guys can invite your friends for next game, so we can have more people [here].”

2. Dallas Stars commentator Daryl “Razor” Reaugh was uniquely descriptive of the goal. His comments were as follows:

Six shades of sexy.
Round the house … curl it in … pull its pants down and SPANK it home.
There’s the manipulation up top; here comes the stimulation — KABANG!


  1. I’ll look around and let you know if I find one. Perhaps another reader who is more tech savvy could assist in capturing the audio from the video some how?

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