Chicago Could be on All-Star Game Radar

The Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew would be excited if the NHL awards them an All-Star Game in the future.

The Chicago branch of The Mothership is reporting the Chicago Blackhawks are interested in hosting  a NHL All-Star game in the near future. It doesn’t hurt that the Blackhawks have seen a surge in popularity in recent years when Rocky Wirtz took the team over from his father, leading to acquiring star players Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa. This squad won the Stanley Cup two seasons ago and are currently in 6th position in the West.

“(The Blackhawks) expressed interest in another All-Star Game, and the draft too, but more the All-Star Game,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday. 1991 was the last time the Blackhawks hosted the All-Star Game, and that was at Chicago Stadium. It could be 2015 at the earliest, because division-foe Columbus is slated to host the All-Star Game next year. 2013 is unannounced but it is unlikely two teams in the same division and area of the country would have it two years straight. The Sochi Winter Olympics will take place in 2014 and it still is unknown if Bettman and the NHLPA will agree to take a league-wide break during the Olympics like in previous years. If they do take a break, there will not be an All-Star Game which leads to 2015 as the projected season.

Chicago has already had their time in the spotlight, then they hosted the Detroit Red Wings in the Winter Classic in 2009. Bettman also said the Blackhawks would get an All-Star Game before the NHL Draft, another premier league-wide event held in a different city each June.

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