NHL Photo of the Day

Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

No sweeps last night as the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Philadelphia Flyers in a beer league finish of 10-3 while the Vancouver Canucks defeated the Los Angeles Kings 3-1. The beer league finish was largely because of the beer league refereeing. The NHL cracked down as the referees called anything and everything, regardless of it actually being a penalty. Since I am not subject to being fined by the NHL for criticism of the referees, I will bluntly say they killed the hockey game.

In other news, the Ottawa Senators have tied up the series between them and the New York Rangers. The game took extra time as Kyle Turris of the Senators absolutely snipped the top right corner for the win. The series is 2-2 and will head back to New York for game 5.

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