Dmitri Kalinin Breaks Johan Franzen’s Nose

In Friday’s 7-3 loss to Russia, Sweden lost one of their more valuable assets when Johan Franzen’s nose broke after taking a cross check to the face from Dmitri Kalinin.

The incident occurred late in the third period in a battle for the puck in front of Russia’s net. After being hit from behind, Franzen was then smoked in the face by Kalinin’s stick. Franzen was immediately brought his hands to his face and collapsed down to the ice, clearly in a lot of pain.

Despite the loss of Kalinin, Russia cruised to victory over sweden as they were lead by Evgeni Malkin. With three goals and two assists, Malkin lead all skaters with points in the game and has followed up a successful NHL season with great play in the World Championships thus far.

Franzen should return for the remainder of the tournament, however, he was scratched for Saturday’s 4-0 shutout against Italy.

Check out the video below for a full look at Kalinin’s cross check to the face of Johan Franzen. Should he receive any disciplinary action for this hit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I’m thinking no extra discipline. Yes, it is wrong to hit anyone in the face with your stick. But, Kalinin extended with Franzen to push him away opposed to striking Franzen in the face with a large distance in between the two.

    On a side note, I thought NHL teammate Datsyuk was concerned as he yeld, but looking closer, I think he was questioning what they were getting a penalty for. Kind of funny.

  2. I thought like you to when I saw it, but after the discipline I saw another camera angle, which shows how Kalinin crosscheck hits Franzén, paused the motion, and then follows through…

    the 3 games felt good after I saw the other clip, however I don’t now how the refs could have missed the Spearing by Emelin on, guess who, Franzén, and he’s 1 game suspension was not enough!

    • Yeah, that spear was pretty nasty too. Sure, Franzen gave a good little cross-check after the goal, but still, a spear is going a bit far. Cross-check a guy back or maybe even a nice little face wash, but no cheap stick play.

      You wonder if that makes Datsyuk’s relationship with either Russian player a bit odd. I’d be ticked if my normal teammate was speared or had his nose broken by one of my temporary teammate, especially if it is stupid stuff like this.

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