USHL Goalie Makes Bare Handed Save

If you haven’t already seen this, it is definitely worth a look. Stephon Williams, goalie for the Waterloo Black Hawks of the USHL, made one of the more spectacular saves this season using his bare hand.

Last Monday, in a playoff game against the Lincoln Stars, Williams’ glove slid off as he shuffled to reposition himself to face shooter Kevin Roy. As Roy collected a pass and stood alone in front of the net, Williams scrambled to get into position. Roy fired a quick shot and Williams flipped his glove hand up, just as he would have if the glove were there, and knocked the puck away.

The amazing save drew many cheers from the crowd, and Williams quickly began signaling to the referee that he had lost his glove. Despite blocking the shot with his bare hand, Williams was not injured on the play.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that Kevin Roy dominated the league in scoring this season. He tallied 54 goals and 50 assists for 104 points in only 59 regular season games. Despite his success in the regular season, Roy couldn’t convert on this chance where he stood the advantage. Perhaps Roy should have tried to squeeze one of these moves in real quick instead?

Check out the video below of Stephon Williams amazing bare handed save and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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