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With the end of the NHL season, the attention shifts towards signing players before free agency. Some such headlines are below.

Erik Karlsson – The Ottawa Senators defenseman lead all defenseman in points this regular season, 19 goals and 59 assists to be exact. His 78 point production is 25 more points than second best among defense. Considering Karlsson is a restricted free agent, and last year’s success under new Head Coach Paul MaClean, he should be locked up long-term no problem. Considering 39 year-old Daniel Alfredsson’s contract ends after the 2012/2013 season, he may only sign for a few years at a lower rate, later to be signed for a longer period of time at a higher rate.

Zach Parise– Cross the New York Rangers off your list of potential destinations for Parise. He has expressed interest in staying with the New Jersey Devils, but hey, young and talented, why not look elsewhere? The Devils did have an outstanding performance, but can they do it again next year, let

alone years to come with goalie Martin Brodeur possibly retiring in the next few years? The Devils are on the decline, not on the rise. Money is nice, but losing in the Stanley Cup Finals might just persuade Parise to seek a Cup contender.

Montreal Canadiens – It began with a mid-game trade of Michael Cammaleri to the Calgary Flames and now the drama continues. The team has hired Michel Therrien as their new bench boss. He has matured, but considering he has one of the worst records in recent franchise history, not sure if this was the best move. But in the process of his hiring, Interim Head Coach Randy Cunneyworth was let go. Considering Cunneyworth stepped into a position that you would not wish upon your worst enemy, an assistant position should have been a shoe in. Even more so, the Canadiens did not give Cunneyworth the ability to interview elsewhere, in a job market that is already tough to get in. The Washington Capitals are still in need of a coach after Dale Hunter left to go back to the London Knights, perhaps he will land there. And hey, no French-Canadien speaking required.


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  1. EricB Avatar

    First, it did not start with the Cam trade. It started 8 games into the new season with Perry Pearn getting fired and everybody starting to panic (thats Montreal market).

    Secondly, what is the problem with getting a french speaking coach in a french speaking market in a french speaking province? Cunneyworth had his chance and he did not perform. It was not the best setup for a new coach (rarely is mid season) but if he would have made the playoff he would still be in the coaching seat or at least be interviewed for an assistant position. In case you forgot they also fired most of the old staff. Gauthier was french … he got fired cause he didn’t perform.

    You probably also missed that Marc Crawford was up for the job? Does he speak french? A little. Probably like most Canadian’s and American kids that spent a year or two in french class but that it.

    Next, two exemples to prove my point, Jesse Marsch the Montreal Impact coach in the MLS and Marc Trestman head coach of Montreal Allouette. Both english speaking coach. The first one decided to learn french cause he recognized the value of it and the second one never learned french but keep’s on winning. Nobody is crying that they don’t speak french.

    Besides that, In hockey, Montreal is the only market that actually GIVES a fair chance to french speaking coach. Check around the league, basicly all the french speaking coach have passed with the Montreal Canadiens. Vigneault, Terrien, Julien, Boucher. All bad coaches? Overated cause they speak french? Well other teams got them so they must not be all bad? How about late Pat Burns actually getting the Adams with 3 teams?

    You obviously have no clue of the Montreal market or the reality there so i wont hold it against you but enough with the french bashing without actually knowing. It really getting annoying.

  2. EB Avatar

    I thank you for taking the time to comment, but I don’t see eye to eye on everything.

    As you stated, Cunneyworth did not get a fair shake at things. It is tough coming mid season, let alone to a team that in lack of a better word, sucks. That one may sting a bit, but the Canadiens have not done much since their 92-93 Cup win.

    Cunneyworth may or may not be coaching if he made the playoffs. Neither of us can prove it, but I would disagree with you, that my belief is he would not have been coaching today if he made it. Perhaps if he got the team to the Conference finals,. but anything short, I still believe they would have gone for another coach.

    I am not against Montreal having a French speaking coach. As you stated, it is important since the fan base speaks it. I am however, opposed to an organization pulling a trade mid-game and not allowing a guy who came in and helped your organization out despite the odds, only to be held back from interviewing for any coaching positions. You could blame the trade on the GM, but who to blame giving the shaft to Cunneyworth?

    Whether you see it or not, Montreal has a lot of work to do on an organization level. And, sadly, they have a lot to do on the team level.

  3. EricB Avatar

    > That one may sting a bit, but the Canadiens have not done much since their 92-93 Cup win.

    100% agree.

    Of course we can’t prove it but remember that Hab’s fans are HIGHLY emotionnal. He would have gotten us a good run (either made the playoffs or a good run into it) and i still think he would have been able to get the medias (a HUGE ally) to back him up. After that everything would have been up for grabs.

    Everybody agrees that the Cam trade was everything BUT professional. He did not deserve that but i can tell you that the french medias destroyed Pierre Gauthier on that one.

    For giving the shaft to Cunney i did not read that in the different medias but i agree its not fair if they did.

    Montreal has already started to make the cleanup on the organization level (New GM (Marc Bergevin), new Assistant GM (Rick Dudley), new Coach (Michel Terrien), new assistant coach (Gerard Gallant) and a brand new farm team organisation (Lefebvre head coach with Martin Lapointe and Patrice Brisebois that will work with the young players) all we are missing now is a D coach.

    The future is also bright on the team level with Brendan Gallagher, Morgan Ellis, Nathan Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi, Mickael Bournival all making the jump in the pro’s this year. Don’t forget that Montreal has the third pick on this years draft and a truck load of second round picks on next year’s draft.

    All thats missing is a way to bury Scott Gomez into the minors or far far away (i’m thinking swiss league) so we can pick up caps space.

    1. EB Avatar

      Montreal fans are definitely emotional. Nothing wrong with some passion.

      Like you said, Cam trade was wrong and noted. I just felt they could have done better with Cunneyworth. If you do not want him that is OK, but let him interview elsewhere before the positions are already taken. The way I see it, he came in and became the target for Habs fans anger towards management. That was not fair to him. He stepped in with class, and now, he might not be able to find a job this year coaching. To me, the cleanup begins with ownership and how things are run, not all that is underneath, hence Cunneyworth being treated the way he was. Do not mistake me, those changes were needed, but the ownership drives the team and how they handle things.

      As for Gomez, yeah, cut your losses and pay what you must to get him off the team. He is not even helping, instead, taking up a spot to develop a young kid.

      Despite being from the USA, it would be nice to see the Habs and a few other Canadian teams turn things around, making a playoff presence and competing for the Cup. Right now, as a whole, they are not there yet. Hopefully soon.

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