Nikolay Zherdev Dangles for Beautiful Goal in KHL

With no signs of the NHL lockout coming to an end anytime soon, it looks like the majority of our hockey highlights will have to come from the KHL. But really, that’s okay, because in a league not quite up to par with the skill of the NHL, sick dangles and beautiful goals should be happening on a nightly basis.

This sick highlight reel goal comes from Nikolay Zherdev who plays for Altant Moscow Oblast. After picking the pocket of the opposing teams players, which showed some unusually hard back-checking, Zherdev skated in and dangled the defenseman with a nice move sliding the puck between his legs. After collecting the puck again in front of him, Zherdev slid the puck backhand, five hole, for what looked like an easy goal.

Take a look at Zherdev’s sick goal below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Could he have pulled something like this off in the NHL?





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