Alex Ovechkin Shatters the Glass with his Head

Alex Ovechkin is not shy to get cozy with the glass.  Typically, his signature jump into the glass after a goal scored is what puts him on the nightly highlights, but this time around, his head shattering the glass has.

The video below shows the Great 8 number 32, Ovechkin, finishing a check on his opponent.  After glancing off the other guy, Ovechkin’s head whiplashes into the pain and shatters it.  You begin to wonder if this is one of those wrestling tricks where as a guy is laying down from a big punch or kick to the face, he secretly cuts himself with the tiny razor he has stashed away to draw some blood to up the excitement for the fans. Could the KHL have weakened the glass in such a way that once hit properly, it would have shattered? Look at the Head Coaches smirk and we may be onto something.

Ovechkin had to leave briefly as he was injured on the play.  He suffered a gash on his hand and a jock full of glass shards. OK, maybe not in the jock, but Ovechkin did have to have tiny pieces of glass removed from his equipment.

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