Pashnin to sit Four Games for Elbow Blow to Mons

No matter if hockey is being played in North America or in this case Russia, a flagrant foul is a flagrant foul. In this video from Saturday’s KHL match between Lokomotiv and Severstal, Yaroslavl defenseman Mikhail Pashnin (in red) used his elbow to strike visiting forward Evgeny Mons. Mons (in white) laid on the ice for a short time before leaving the game with a concussion. The KHL¬†Disciplinary Committee reviewed the tape (I wonder if they phoned a friend in Brendan Shannahan) and upheld the official’s on-ice ruling of a major plus game misconduct penalty when he caused opponent injury with a check to the head and neck area. The Disciplinary Committee has the flexibility to increase the punishment and it decided to suspend Pashnin four games for the hit.

Currently, Lokomotiv sits second in the West with  42 points while Severstal sits on sixth place in the West. The video of the incident can be viewed below.

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