Fan Pays $5,300 for a Crapper

Aaron Vincent Elkaim/THE CANADIAN PRESS

Sometimes you just shake your head at the things people do.

An Ontario lawyer now owns a toilet from the Toronto Maple Leafs’ former locker room.

The lawyer, Jim Vigmond, purchased the toilet at a Maple Leafs auction. To his defense, he really wanted a 1967 Stanley Cup banner, but that became too expensive. His number two ended up being the toilet.

While most people, and his friends, think he may be off his rocker, Vigmond felt the item was just too good to pass on. So much, that he was willing to spend up to $10,000 on the toilet.

“They thought I had money to burn, and surely there was something that I could have better spent my money on,” he said.

“They’ve got a point. But . . . it’s a part of an icon. I just thought . . . what a rare piece and just think of all of the people that have spent time contemplating in that dressing room what lies ahead of them.”

Vigmond and his toilet has big plans now. The throne will sit within his memorabilia room, where he plans to take a seat, light a Cuban cigar, open a 30-year-old single malt and, in time, watch a Toronto Maple Leafs game.

While sure, there may be some appeal to think that one of your favorite players may of once sat upon the toilet you now sit on, but at the same time, is there not better ways to think of your favorite player?

Maple Leafs fans have long been thought of being a bit crazy, with fans paying outrageous prices to see their sub-par team take the ice, perhaps this toilet purchase seals the deal.

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