Bikini Hockey League: Women’s Hockey Deserves Better

With the NHL still not being played due to a lockout, hockey fans may be enticed by the Bikini Hockey League (BHL) forming. But, if you are someone about their wits, you’ll see it for what it is; continued degradation of women.

The BHL is what you would expect; women in their bikinis playing hockey. The women, all attractive, will bear minimal clothing while playing roller hockey. The league will look to mimic the Ultimate Fighter by putting the women in a house and videotaping all the drama. While some of the girls come from respectable hockey backgrounds, it is hard to take the league or the women seriously.

In the clip below you will see an introduction to some of the girls, the drama, as well as some of the caliber of play. While it may be pleasing to the eye for a moment, that moment is rather brief.

Women’s hockey has come too far to have such a barbaric viewpoint of women displayed. From youth, to collegiate to national representation in tournaments and in the Olympics. Women’s sports have had it tough, and still do.┬áIt is sad to see some producers try and take a step back, all for a buck. Perhaps even more depressing, that some women themselves partake in such thing.

Women deserve better. Hockey deserves better. Heck, one of the girls doesn’t even know that hockey uses a puck. The only way I will watch the BHL is if they strap on some skates and play against a real women’s team, just to see the bikini bimbos get owned.


    • They started on inline skates. Not entirely sure how the whole bikini and ice thing will go over for their Winter Classic.

      Regardless, it will have no impact on the NHL whatsoever, and most likely will have very little watchers. The NHL had to compete with NCAA bowl games on New Years Day and that was tough; some girls in bikinis will have an even tougher time. It is a one-trick pony not worth the time and definitely not worth the money.

      Now, have a real Women’s hockey tournament with USA, Canada and two other teams, that would be worth paying to see.

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