Mall Santa Claus Fired Over Maple Leafs Insult

Mall Santa Fired Over Leafs Insult
Photo Courtesy The Toronto Sun

In a strange story that first appeared in the Toronto Sun, a mall Santa Claus has been relieved of his holiday duties following a string of insults to a three year old boy.

The excited young boy was first in line to visit Santa last Wednesday at the Lowe’s Toronto Christmas market. His excitement soon faded, however. After Santa arrived a half hour late for his gig, he began with his inappropriate remarks. The first thing Santa told the child, who was wearing a red plaid jacket at the time, was “you look like Paul Bunyan.”

Santa continued his poor behavior by making further comments about the child’s attire. “Oh, you’re wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque, you shouldn’t be wearing that, they suck.” After hearing this, the mother decided to intervene and take her son and leave. She told him that “Santa isn’t being very good today.” According to the mother, her son was was devastated and cried the entire way home.

“He wanted to know who Paul Bunyan was? He wanted to know why Santa said the Toronto Maple Leafs suck,” Mary Trent, the boy’s mother, told the Sun Thursday. “I told him Santa was having a bad day. I can’t really tell him Santa’s a jerk.”

Mathew Rosenblatt, creator of the Toronto event, issued an apology to the family via Facebook. He also notified the Toronto Sun that the Santa had been fired. “The person that had spoken those words is no longer at the Toronto Christmas Market and will not be there in the future,” Rosenblatt said.

It may sting the first time, especially coming from Santa, but this young lad had to hear it sooner or later. But let’s be honest, the Maple Leafs have brighter days ahead of them and this boy will have a solid team to root before too long.

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