Reebok/CCM Signs Connor McDavid to Endorsement Deal

Connor McDavid in CCM Gear
Connor McDavid in CCM Gear

Reebok CCM has signed Connor McDavid to a multi-year endorsement deal. The deal is not only for McDavid’s equipment on the ice, but head to toe apparel as well.

At only 15 years of age, Connor McDavid becomes the youngest player to sign an endorsement deal like this. Reebok also claimed ownership to providing an endorsement deal to the youngest hockey player prior to this as well when they signed a guy by the name of Sidney Crosby. Crosby was only 17 at the time of signing his deal.

There is a lot of hype surrounding McDavid, despite that fact that he is only 15. As we reported back in March, Hockey Canada granted McDavid “exceptional status” and allowed him enter the draft a year younger than most players. From there, Connor McDavid was picked first overall in the OHL draft by the Erie Otters.

McDavid has definitely made a difference on the ice for the Otters. In 32 games, the team has picked up 8 wins. While it may not seem like a lot, it’s only two wins shy of their season total in 2011-12 in 68 games played. Additionally, McDavid is currently ranked second on his team in points with 37. Only Connor Brown, an 18 year old winger, has more points with 38.

Knowing all the other young stars that Reebok/CCM has locked up, it only makes sense to pursue McDavid this early. “We want to align with the best in the world, and we believe Connor McDavid is in that class. I won’t get into the terms of it, but it would obviously extend into when and if he is in the National Hockey League. It is not an everyday occurrence in the industry that a player like Connor comes along. We are not in the habit of signing kids that age, but there are special occurrences and this is one,” said Glen Thornborough, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Reebok/CCM, about the deal.

While McDavid currently wears CCM products in the OHL, we can only wonder if he will return to wearing Reebok gear in the near future. With the Toronto Marlboros last season, McDavid wore Reebok skates, gloves, and helmet, all while using a Reebok stick. However, with the Erie Otters, McDavid has been wearing CCM gear. Presumably this is because of the exclusive supplier deal that CCM has with the OHL, but perhaps McDavid has liked the new gear – including the CCM RBZ stick he’s been seen using.

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think about Reebok/CCM signing this endorsement deal. Do you think Connor McDavid is too young? Or is he worth the hype and Reebok/CCM made a smart move to jump on him before he gets to the NHL?


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