Columbus Blue Jackets: Behind the Battle

Although the NHL is currently in limbo, hockey teams are still preparing for the upcoming season. One such team perhaps has a bit more to work to do than the rest; the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the off-season, the Blue Jackets hired John Davidson to help shape the franchise. In an online show, Behind the Battle, the Blue Jackets follows Davidson and his staff in their efforts to turn the union blue and red team into a winning franchise.

John Davidson is a former goalie in the NHL who began his career with the St. Louis Blues and the ended with the New York Rangers. A .500 goalie, Davidson played only ten seasons in the NHL but became better known for his color commenting first with the Rangers and eventually on nationally televised games. He eventually moved into management, being named President of Hockey Operations for the St. Louis Blues in June 2006, ending in October of 2012. During his time with the Blues, the team may have only made the playoffs twice, most recently losing in the Conference Semifinals in 2012, but has changed the makeup of the team. The Blues went from last place in 2005-2006 to arguably one of the best young, fast, hardworking teams in the NHL today. Davidson is expected to bring that same combination to the Blue Jackets.

“You build it one brick at a time,” Davidson said back in October when he was named President of Hockey Operations for the Blue Jackets. “That’s the only way to go. That’s what’s going to happen here.”

Davidson and the Blue Jackets’ first big challenge is preparing for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. The Blue Jackets have three first round selections.

“The draft is huge for this club this year,” Davidson said. “Just huge.”

This is where Behind the Battle focuses its attention. The show will air six shows in all, encompassing three episodes each with three parts. While episode 1, both part 1 (seen below) and 2, deal with Davidson joining the club, part 3 begins the real depth of what they plan to do with the future of the organization. Davidson and his team assess what talent they have in the system. Episode 2, part 1, follows the Operation’s team while amateur scouting. Not wanting to divulge too much, the details will be left at that.

As all hockey fans know, with the once face-of-the-franchise Rick Nash traded from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the New York Rangers, the team has a lot of work to do to turn themselves into a winning franchise. Behind the Battle offers a glimpse into that change, one that is quite amazing from the outside looking in. From being flown in the team’s jet, to interviews to war-room like meetings, the show is, in a time without hockey and HBO’s 24/7, a decent fix.





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