Hockey World Blog Raises Money for Pancreatic Cancer Research

As the final donations trickle in, Hockey World Blog wraps up a successful fundraiser, raising $265 for Pancreatic Cancer.

During the month of November, silent bids on used hockey sticks were accepted with a minimum starting bid of $20 dollars, and every bid thereafter with a minimum increase of $5 dollars. Bids were made by emailing HWB with the stick name as well as the bid amount. Bidders were notified if their bid stood, if someone else has already bid that amount, or if their bid has been out bid. At the end of the month, the bid amount was made in donation form to Hockey World Blog’s Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research donation page. The sticks were then shipped by Hockey World Blog to participants within the United States and Canada.

The sticks ranged by manufacturer, with the highest bids going towards the Easton Stealth RS Grip and the Reebok A.i.9 Grip. Seven sticks in all received bids, totaling $265 for Pancreatic Cancer research. HWB would like to thank all the winning bidders; Chris P., Louie P., Matt K., and to the highest bidder receiving both the Easton Stelath RS Grip and the Reebok A.i.9 Grip, a special thanks to Ross K. Thanks also goes out to all who made bids but were eventually outbid.

Hockey World Blog was happy to put on such a fundraiser, offering gently used sticks for readers to bid on, all while raising funds for a cause that we at HWB holds dear to our hearts. Thank You to all who participated and we look forward to next November where we look to raise even more funds for Pancreatic Cancer research.

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