Ilya Kovalchuk figure skates during KHL All-Star game

Put a hockey stick in his hands, and Ilya Kovalchuk is one of the most dangerous snipers on the planet.

Put a woman’s hands in his, and he becomes awkward and clumsy. But hey, we give him credit for trying.

From what we can gather, it appears that both captains from the KHL All-Star game this weekend were tasked with performing skating routines with professional figure skaters (much to the amusement of their teammates and now fans worldwide). The program lasted for about :45 seconds and included a few twirls and even a jump or two. Aleksey Morozov, the captain of the other All-Star team, also participated in a program immediately following Kovalchuk’s show. I would give Morozov at least a 9 for enthusiasm and effort, but neither player should consider quitting their day jobs to take up figure skating.

I’m sure the professional figure skaters are thanking their lucky stars that the short programs didn’t include any lifts. That could have been disastrous for all parties involved.

So which players would you love to see participate in a short figure skating program during an upcoming NHL All-Star game?

My vote goes to Zdeno Chara.

Check out videos of both players performing below:

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